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What is SourceOut?

A SourceOut location is a customized Wellness & Health service that provides on-site primary healthcare and case management to clients, residents, and staff at a participating social service provider, residential program, community center, nonprofit agency or any similar organization seeking to provide wellness & health services.  With the input of the participating agency's leadership, Baal Perazim Healthcare will design a comprehensive menu of services to be provided by a medical professional who is wholly dedicated to the needs of your community. These culturally sensitive and trauma informed services will ensure that no matter the background, situation, or social determinants of a client, the Wellness Home will provide them with important Wellness & Health resources. The Wellness Home could be sited at a permanent location at our partner's office or program site or could travel to several partner sites per week as desired.

The Wellness Home Initiative

The term ‘clinic’ has come to represent many of the negative characteristics of fee-based healthcare models. Sterile, dehumanizing, and overcrowded, these facilities are consciously designed to move patients through quickly with a minimum of human interaction. We believe that these uncomfortable experiences dissuade people from seeking care, especially preventative care. At our Wellness Homes, our clients experience a small, intimate setting where private and personalized services are offered by our staff, leading to a higher comfort level with the entire experience.

SourceOut services can be offered either at any partner site include the following:

  • Integrative Primary Care that focuses upon the Mind, Body, and Soul
  • Fast, convenient, and coordinated pharmacy service and prescription refills 
  • COVID-19 testing, assessment, and vaccinations
  • Open Access Scheduling
  • Weight and Diabetes Management
  • Diabetes Management
  • Infectious Disease care, including HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, STI test and treat, and PrEP
  • Chronic Pain and Care Management
  • Hormone Therapy
  • Referrals to IV Therapy, Mental Health Counseling, Ketamine Therapy and Behavioral Health


How It Works

A SourceOut Wellness Home could be located within a specific property or building, or it could be a ‘traveling’ service that spends time in several of your residential buildings or schools on a fixed schedule. It would be staffed by a Wellness Provider and supported by our company’s lab services, dedicated pharmacist, EMR and scheduling software and other infrastructure. While not intended to replace critical care services, a SourceOut location will be able to provide your staff and program participants with the resources of any other infectious disease or internal medicine provider. In fact, the SourceOut location can serve as a Primary Care Provider should anyone in the partner community require one.  (We are also able to offer Rapid COVID-19 tests with our Community Testing and Assessment team for your entire staff on a weekly basis, as well as access to vaccination services for COVID-19.)

Having a SourceOut Wellness Home location at your disposal will provide culturally sensitive and trauma-informed medical case management for the individuals you serve, which could be especially useful to developmentally delayed or emotionally fragile clients who may struggle with going to a sterile and unfamiliar environment for treatment.  Our Wellness Homes are the antithesis to that kind of care; whether the client interacts with our staff in one of our cozy and inviting office spaces or in the familiar comfort of their own residence or school, our approach is different. The partner organization’s program participants will have a chance to get to know their provider and see for themselves that we are both proficient and compassionate. Above all, we are committed to providing a warm and engaging environment for people to learn how to increase their wellness and avoid illness in a proactive and sustainable way. Primary Health Care is often only reactive in nature; our Wellness Homes are designed to serve the whole person: Mind, Body, and Soul.

There are many possible benefits that could come from our proposed collaboration, regardless of whether we build a central Wellness Home on-site or have our staff go travel from site to site. Benefits of this collaboration could include:

  • Flexible hours to accommodate essential workers, including evenings or weekends
  • Our Chronic Care Management program will provide monthly preventive care for people with co-morbidities at your location
  • Ability to offer preventive, wellness, and behavioral health in the same location
  • Medication management and expedited refills
  • Collaborative case management with partner organization's behavioral health staff
  • Consultation and guidance for family caregivers providing medical support at home
  • Strong expertise in providing HIV, PrEP, STI and other related medical and behavioral health issues
  • Reduction in transportation costs and liability due to having medical visits on-site
  • Access to COVID-19 testing and vaccinations
  • Highly convenient Primary Care Provider option for partner organization's staff
  • Possibility of servicing local community needs during scheduling gaps
  • Seamless integration with Family Planning, Fitness, Nutrition, or other behavioral health programs

We look forward to sharing ideas with your dedicated health and program staffs about this possible partnership; we have a lot to learn about your community and how we might be able to best provide value to them.

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