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Integrative Primary Healthcare

Integrative Primary Healthcare

At its core, Integrative Primary Healthcare values:

  • science & research-based decision-making; 
  • a team-based collaborative approach; 
  • client-centered and relationship-based interactions and professional best practices; 
  • proactive & preventative behaviors and practices.

Our Integrative Primary Healthcare services include:

  • Internal Medicine

Training in Internal Medicine requires a deep and comprehensive expertise in adult medical issues.  Doctors that specialize in Internal Medicine (called 'internists') develop expertise in diagnosing the wide variety of diseases that commonly affect adults and in managing complex medical situations where multiple conditions may affect a single individual.  Their training also enables them to "effectively interact with their internal medicine subspecialty colleagues in co-managing complex patients (such as those with transplants, cancer, or autoimmune disease) and easily managing the transitions from outpatient to inpatient settings (and vice versa) for their patients who require hospitalization."  (American College of Physicians)

  • Chronic Pain Management
  • Infectious Diseases (HIV, Hepatitis, STI)

Northstar Healthcare has been a pioneer in HIV research and AIDS treatment since the early 1990s, and offers several highly experienced providers in HIV/AIDS care.  Our founder, Dr. Daniel Berger, is an international subject matter expert on this area of medicine.  Additionally, Northstar has developed a specialized program dedicated to individuals with chronic hepatitis due to the rising prevalence of Hepatitis C infection both in those with pre-existing HIV infection, as well as those who are infected only with Hepatitis C virus (mono-infection). 

  • Diabetes Management
  • Nutrition Counseling, Fitness, and Weight Management

Northstar Healthcare focuses on helping our clients understanding foods and their role in preventive nutrition. Nutritional counseling is offered with a focus on bio-electric impedance analysis, assessment of body habits, discussion of intervention and treatment with vitamins, diet modification, anabolic therapies and other agents. Our physicians also advise people on how diet affects health and well-being. We also offer lifestyle modification programs to guide your return to a path of extended health. Our goal is helping people achieve and maintain a healthy body composition (lean muscle-to-fat ratio) in order to improve health, manage disease, feel better, and reduce the risk of serious conditions.

  • Mental Health Counseling, including Anxiety and Depression Management

Meet with one of our on-site psychologists to address a wide range of mental health issues, including:   

  • Treatment and Support
  • Couples Counseling
  • Disease Management Counseling (with a special focus upon HIV-related issues)
  • Addiction
  • Sexual Identity

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