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The Wellness Home Initiative

The Wellness Home Initiative

The Wellness Homes Initiative began in 2018 to address troubling discrepancies in the success rates of medical care throughout Chicago.  Our Wellness Home Model operates on the evidence-based tenets of Trauma-Informed Care, which takes into consideration the prevalence of adverse experiences and their impact upon one's lifelong health; traumatic life events have been shown to even impact one’s ability to stay engaged with the healthcare system.

We believe that building a Trauma-Informed culture at our Wellness Homes is important to preventing and ameliorating such an outcome.  For this reason, the Wellness Home has integrated mental health professionals into our team to improve our effectiveness in this area.  Developing this special culture in our Wellness Homes is a critical commitment we make to each client, so that we may provide wellness & health services for their Mind, Body, and Soul.

Our Initiative

The hallmarks of the Wellness Home Initiative include the following:

Providing low-barrier Wellness Services in one of our comfortable and communal Wellness Home settings, rather than in a traditional clinic environment

Adopting a keen focus on wellness rather than sickness, especially in terms of behavioral, preventative, and public health issues.

Encouraging a team-based case management approach to wellness.

Inclusive of all, regardless of one’s zip code, race, color, gender, or creed.

Evidence-based wellness services that are sustaining, high quality, and culturally responsive

Our Principles

Our Wellness Homes operate along several very important guiding principles

Clients, not Patients

Mission Before Profit

Wellness Homes, not Clinics

Clients, Not Patients

Visitors to our Wellness Homes are referred to as ‘clients’, not ‘patients’, because we focus upon your self-efficacy. Our goal is to partner with you to improve your overall wellbeing.

We believe that the term ‘patient’ implies that you are ill, and that your visits to a Wellness Home only occur in response to being sick.  Although we care for you when you are ill, our goal is to prevent you from becoming sick by managing your ongoing care and maximizing your wellness.  We even refer to ourselves as a 'Wellness & Health' organization rather than the normal phrasing of 'health and wellness'.  At Baal Perazim Wellness & Health Services, Wellness comes first!

Mission Before Profit

Our Wellness Home Initiative exists primarily to address the disparity in health outcomes among Chicagoans related to their societal and economic status. Therefore, no client will be left behind due to economic hardship. If an individual is not insured or is under-insured, we will still make every effort to see you.

To request consideration for adjusted cost treatment, please contact our administrator at

Wellness Homes, not Clinics

The term ‘clinic’ has come to represent many of the negative characteristics of fee-based healthcare models. Sterile, dehumanizing, and overcrowded, these facilities are consciously designed to move patients through quickly with a minimum of human interaction. We believe that these uncomfortable experiences dissuade people from seeking care, especially preventative care.

At our Wellness Homes, our clients experience a small, intimate setting where private and personalized services are offered in by our staff. Our goal is to ensure that each client feels as if they have been provided personalized services, leading to a higher comfort level with the entire experience.